52 Questions My Queen asked me.

1. What is your position in this relationship?

I am your Slave.

2. What does that mean to you?

It means that I will follow all of your commands without question and will pleasure you to the best of my ability whenever it is required.

3. Are you happy that I have made you my slave?

 I am the happiest I have ever been.

4. Why?

I love you, I enjoy serving you & I love the control you have over me.

5. Would you want to go back to a vanilla relationship?


6. Why?

I love being your slave in this relationship & feeling your control over me.

7. Do you like that I made you my Cum Slave?


8. Why?

It makes me feel even more submissive and that you are even more in control, I also love the feeling that you have taken away the choice from me on whether I have the choice to eat my cum or not.

9. Have you learned to like the taste of cum?


10. What do you like about the taste of cum?

I like the texture and the way it coats the inside of my mouth and throat.

11. What do you like about eating cum?

I like the feeling of submissiveness it gives me & the feeling of your dominance over me.

12. Do you know why I have made you my Cum Slave?


13. Why?

To learn to obey you commands, & learn that women are not required to eat cum.

14. Would you have a problem if I was to never swallow your cum again?


15. Why?

You are My Queen, it is completely your decision on whether you would like to eat cum or not.

16. Do you think that because we are in a relationship, I should swallow your cum?


17. Why?

You are My Queen, you are in control of this relationship & you alone decide on whether you should or not.

18. Who is the cum swallower in this relationship?

I am.

19. Why?

Because My Queen has chosen for me to be & I am her slave.

20. Do you want that to change?


21. Why?

I like eating my cum for My Queen.

22. Once again, why have I made you my Cum Slave?

To learn to obey you commands, & learn that women are not required to eat cum.

23. What is your favorite way to eat cum?

Cleaning My Queen’s creampie after she allows me to cum inside of her.

24. What is your least favorite way to eat cum?

I do not have one, I enjoy eating my cum for My Queen any way she tells me to.

25. I am thinking of changing you title to Cum Slave M, do you think you have earned that title?


26. Why?

I have followed you commands to eat my cum every time you permit me an orgasm.

27. What would you do to keep that title?

Continue to eat me cum for you every time I am granted permission to cum.

28. How often should you eat cum?

Every time My Queen grants me permission to cum.

29. Why?

 I am your slave.

30. Should I be required to give you blowjobs?


31. Why?

My Queen is not required to give me anything sexual.

32. Should I stop giving you blowjobs all together?


33. Why?

I enjoy them, but ultimately, it is your decision.

34. Which one of us belongs on their knees servicing the other?

I do.

35. Why?

I am your slave, you are My Queen & I am here to serve you.

36. Do like that I took your anal virginity from you?


37. Why?

It has brought us closer together as a couple, I like the feeling of power it gives you & how hard My Queen orgasms from it.

38. You now take a bigger cock in your pussy than I do, how does that make you feel?

I feel like you are taking me and making me into the slave I was always meant to be, I love the way you have taken my pussy and used it to control me even further than you already have.

39. What if the only sex I granted you from now on was my cock in your pussy, how does that make you feel?

I am not sure, I know that I would deeply miss being able to fuck you, but I also know that in this relationship, you make the decisions about our sex life. I would accept it and gladly take your cock in my pussy.

40. By the time I am done with you, your pussy will be nice and sloppy loose, how does that make you feel?

I makes me feel truly owned & loved by My Queen, I will gladly accept you making my pussy sloppy loose.

41. While you are locked in chastity, I want to make you cum from fucking your pussy, how does that make you feel?

Very happy, I really want this to happen.

42. How long should I lock you in chastity?

As long as My Queen feels I should be.

43. Why?

My cock belongs to My Queen; it is hers to do as she pleases.

44. Who owns your cock?

My Queen

45. Why?

For years I abused it by masturbating all the time, My Queen took that right from me and has trained me to use “Her Cock” for her pleasure only.

46. Who decides when your cock will cum?

My Queen

47. Why?

“Her Cock” will only be used for her pleasure only, it is no longer used for mine, I abused it for too many years.

48. When your cock is allowed to cum, who does the cum belong to?

All cum, My Queen’s and mine belong to me & for me to consume, every time.

49. Why?

I am her slave and it is my responsibility to eat all of my cum all of the time.

50. Who decides what is to be done with the cum?

My Queen.

51. Who will be the cum swallower?

I will be, always.

52. One last time, why did I make you my Cum Slave?

To learn to obey you commands, & learn that women are not required to eat cum.

If you had asked either one of us 8 months ago if this is the type of relationship we would be in, we both would have said no. It is something we have both wanted for a very long time, but to end up meeting someone you can be yourself with is a one in a million chance.

I have given myself completely to My Queen. I am her Slave, now and till the end of time.

I accept that I will be in chastity whenever and for however long My Queen chooses. My orgasms no longer belong to me, they are My Queen’s. My cock is no longer used for my pleasure, I will be trained to use it only for My Queen’s pleasure.

My Queen now fucks my pussy more than I get to fuck hers.

My Queen has told me that I will be eating all of my cum from now on, no matter what, every time I cum, I must eat it. Since we have first met, I have now eaten more of my cum than My Queen has.

I am told that after I finish my cum training, I will be locked back in chastity, except this time my spare key will be frozen in a cube made from my own cum. I will have to suck on the cum cube to get to my key when My Queen decides it is time for my to be unlocked.

I love My Queen with all of my being, she makes me complete. I can no longer imagine my life without her. She has the ability to take away all of the stress and frustration in the day. As soon as I see her, all the bad stuff just melts away and leaves me back in the place I am the happiest. Not only does she allow me to take care of her, she in turn takes care of me, we support each other unconditionally. She is the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

I love you Maria.


Cum Training Update

It looks like I have fallen behind in updating my training with MY Queen.

On 2-14, Valentine’s Day, My Queen had me masturbate for her and edge at least 6 times before My Queen had me cum on top of 3 Chocolate Covered Strawberries which she then fed to me. Later that evening, after we got back from dinner, My Queen granted me an orgasm while having sex with, which of course I had to clean up afterwards using my tongue and provide her with a few more orgasms as well.

On 2-15, My Queen, as soon as we woke up this morning, had me masturbate for her and cum in a shot-glass and then drink it for her. Later that night, My Queen had me Masturbate for her and cum on top of Peanut M & M’s, which in turn was fed to me.

On 2-21, My Queen allowed me to have another orgasm while having sex, which I had to clean up afterwards using my tongue and provide her with a few more orgasms as well.

***I will continue my update tomorrow morning***

Slave M

My Queen started my Cum Training today.

This is day 1 of a 15 day training exercise. Tonight I had to masturbate for My Queen, when I was close to cumming, I had to ask permission to cum, as always, but instead of letting me cum, she had me stop, wait a few minutes, then she instructed me to begin again.

My Queen had me do this 6 times. By the time I was on the 6th time, I was so horny, I would have agreed to just about anything to be able to cum.

When I asked My Queen on the 6th time if I could cum, My Queen said yes, and held out the shot-glass for me. My Queen told me I had to cum into the shot-glass for her. As you can see from the picture, this is 25 days worth of cum in the glass.

After taking this picture, My Queen ordered me to drink it, which I did. This is the first time I have tasted my cum outside of eating directly from My Queen. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I enjoyed doing this for My Queen, and would gladly do it again anytime she wants.

Slave M

10 Ways to Eat My Own Cum

This is the list My Queen had me make of 10 different ways I would like to eat my own cum.

I dont know what day my training will start. But, when it does, I will have to post what I had to do each day.

1. Lick my cum off of My Queen’s feet.

2. Lick my cum off of My Queen’s breasts.

3. Eat my cum as a topping on some Ice Cream.

4. Drink my cum from a Shot Glass.

5. Suck on a frozen cum ice cube.

6. Cum on a pair of My Queen’s Panties and then have then used as my     gag while My Queen fucks my pussy.

7. Lick my cum from a glossy black plate.

8. Eat cum covered chocolate dipped strawberries.

9. Eat cum covered Peanut M&M’s.

10. Eat my cum as a topping on chocolate pudding.

Slave M


My Queen has decided that I will soon start a 15 day cum eating exercise.

This exercise is to teach me to obey My Queen’s orders when she gives them.

I must post 10 different ways that I want to eat my own cum. I will post these tonight on My Queen’s blog page. I will also be creating a side link page to this training exercise on My Queen’s page also. I will be posting what is required of me each day.

Thank You My Queen for training me to become a better slave to you.

What do you think his friends would say if they knew I keep his cock locked up, only let him cum every 30-45 days, have him orally pleasure me whenever I want, have him fuck me with a strap-on while he is locked up & that I fuck his ass with my cock, which is bigger than his, like it’s a pussy?

I have taken my Pets virginity from him on Saturday. My cock has finally moved into its new home. Its going to staying there a few times a week.

His pussy also got fucked really good about hour before the Superbowl yesterday. I wanted to make sure he could feel his pussy the whole time he watched it.

Queen Maria

Mistress Red

Mistress Red, I enjoyed the messages you sent me, unfortunately you sent it as anonymous, so I cant reply to you with out it being published. I would like to continue to talk to you about some of your idea’s. Do you have an e-mail address?

Queen Maria

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